Anthem MRX 500 A/V Receiver

Anthem MRX 500Price: $1500


Vince said: When I first fired up the Anthem MRX 500, I thought it a good receiver with a great pedigree, from a company that has produced highly regarded surround-sound processors. After setting up and using its built-in Anthem Room Correction, I think the MRX 500 is a fantastic receiver worth every penny of its price. Even if Anthem charged twice as much for the MRX 500, I would still think the price fair -- because of ARC. The fact that the MRX 500 lists for only $1500 makes it a genuine bargain among home-theater receivers, and therefore the one to get.

Great Buy

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The gist: The best room correction in a receiver for under two grand.

Cambridge Audio Azur 650R A/V Receiver

Cambridge Azur 650RPrice: $1799.99


Vince said: No doubt many of you have gotten used to such modern conveniences as slick OSDs and GUIs, network connectivity, and effortless setup. If that describes you, then Cambridge Audio’s Azur 650R A/V receiver might not suit. However, if you value sound quality above all, and particularly two-channel sound, as much as or more than you value home-theater listening, then you’d be ecstatic with the Azur 650R.

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The gist: Home-theater receiver geared toward sound quality instead of fancy features.

Anthem MRX 700 A/V Receiver

Anthem MRX 700Price: $1999


Wes said: Effortless. Muscular. Coherent. Stable. Rock-solid. Sound like what you’re looking for? The Anthem MRX 700 immediately leaps to the top of the marketplace for home-theater receivers. Don’t miss it.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Anthem conquered processors, receivers are apparently next.

Integra DTA-70.1 Multichannel Power Amplifier

Integra DTA-70.1Price: $1800


Aron said: I was thoroughly impressed by the consistently high levels of quality and performance offered by Integra’s DTA-70.1 home-theater amplifier, not to mention the obvious synergy between it and its counterpart, the Integra DHC-80.1. With the ability to power anything from a 5.1-channel system in a smaller room such as mine, as well as two additional zones, to a 9.1-channel theater in a large room, the DTA-70.1 sets the bar high. I’ll be sad to see it go. Well done, Integra!

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: How many channels does that thing have?


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