AudioPrism Ground Control Grounding Cables

AudioPrism Ground ControlPrice: $149.99 per pair


Doug said: There are many positive comments out there about AudioPrism’s Ground Controls, from reviewers and others who have already experienced them. My system, however, didn’t benefit from them, nor did a very different system. The Ground Controls indeed altered the sounds of both systems, but nothing I heard could be called a worthwhile improvement.

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The gist: Pass on this one.

Schiit Audio Asgard Headphone Amplifier

201010_shiitPrice: $249


Vade said: I’m impressed that Schiit Audio can produce a headphone amplifier for $249 that sounds and looks as if it costs $1000. And you don’t have to order it from some unknown Chinese company on eBay and pray you’ll actually see something for your money. If you need a good headphone amplifier at a price that seems silly cheap, I suggest you rush your order directly to Schiit via their website, before they come to their senses and raise the price.

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The gist: Great price for a neat little headphone amp.

Silent Running Audio VR fp isoBASE Equipment Platforms

201007_sra_400w_300wPrice: $300 to $785, depending on size and complexity


Howard said: . . . the VR fp isoBASEs brought to my system increased transparency, resolution, and focus. Indeed, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these products are fairly priced. Had you told me that someone had designed a custom-based isolation platform for one of my components and was willing to ship it to me in a beefy, custom-made wooden crate for as little as $300, I’d have said you were crazy as a soup sandwich. 


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The gist: Custom component isolation that doesn't break the bank.

Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA Headphone Amplifier-DAC

201004_redwine_isabellinaPrice: $2500


Uday said: Its freedom from the AC grid allowed it to provide the purest music signal, elevating my enjoyment of what truly matters: the music. Couple its performance with headphones to its qualities as a standalone preamplifier-DAC and you begin to see its value.


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The gist: Batteries to charge-up your headphone listening.


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