Bidding your Old Rank Its Fitting LoL Boost Farewell

Have you ever been stuck in a rank in League of Legends? It’s pretty brutal to be stuck in one don’t you think? Everyone’s vying to get their rank up but not everyone is doing their job; especially in the lower ranks. No matter what you do, everything is for naught if your team does not get the job done by winning. It does not matter if you go 23/3/15 or so if your team loses. It’s a good score but good scores mean nothing if you lose the match. Now with a score like that, chances are very high that it’s not you who has a problem; it’s one of your teammates.


It can be hard to point fingers but if you’re consistently doing your job or role right, it has to do with someone else. You know that you play a higher ELO game but are being held back by what the system in League gives you for teammates. Some can’t follow their job description, some are lacking in skill, and some just want to keep other people in the same as he or she is. You know you don’t deserve to be in this rank but with even one or two people pulling you down, a comeback is very hard to pull. Why? Because your opponent has 6 members and you only have 4. The numbers game, as fondly mentioned in the WWE, does have an effect in team fights not just by enemy presence which prevents you from diving but it also has a psychological effect as you don’t know when everyone on the other team will jump on one of your teammates when you start a fight.

It’s hard to manage a team who does not listen to advice and tells you to shove it even if they’re playing badly. Plus you can have one player AFK, one feed the enemy team, one who does not want to join in team fights and you’re left with a buddy to stand with you against 5 enemies working together. You can win it but the chances are very, very close to zero that you will prevail. Getting to the higher ranks will bless you with less useless teammates as they will be left in the previous ELO you were at and the fastest way to achieve this is to get a division boost at Division boosts will get you to the division you want in faster and without the hassle of dealing with useless people. You know you deserve it and you can push through it yourself but it can sap you of the much needed motivation to continue playing if you keep on losing due to bad allies. Don’t get delayed of your spot on top, get it now. Get your elo boost here.